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1.) Is Streaming Service provided by Movies Mashup really free?

For you, Yes it is. We provide our streaming service free to you. Though It don’t come free to us and we have to purchase streaming rights from our partners.

2.) But how do we provide it to our users for free?

We ask our users to complete some very simple offers. When you complete an offer we get paid some amount by our partner advertisers. This is how we manage to purchase the streaming right and give it to you free of cost..

3.) What exactly is an offer?

Offers can be of many types like taking a survey, Installing some utility software and as simple as liking a page on facebook but something you don’t have to pay for.

4.) Do I have to complete an offer for each movie?

No you don’t have to. Once you complete an offer you get access to most of our movies (click here to see the list) for one month. So complete an offer you can do unlimited streaming of these movies for full one month for free. Isn’t that cool?

5.) I completed an offer but still can’t see the movie?

There can be several reasons for this:

  1. Make sure you completed an offer correctly i.e if you take part in a survey, make sure to put in the correct details.
  2. Make sure you have flash installed on your browser.
  3. Sometimes due to large traffic sometimes movies don’t load. In that case try to reload the page. If it still don’t works we suggest to try after few minutes. If it still don’t work please contact us and let us know which movie you are trying to stream.


Still didn’t find the answer you are looking for? No worries our support team is there to help you out. Please directly reach us using the contact us page